BlueSquared were approached by the property owner who was dissatisfied with the visual aesthetics of their recently installed operable solar shading louvres. The louvres came with the actuator encased within a large extruded aluminium box to protect the actuator from the elements, as it was not suitable to be exposed to the elements alone. The extruded box was large, unsightly and obstructed part of the window as shown in the image below.

BlueSquared designed and manufacture bespoke operating and mounting brackets to allow for a small linear actuator to be installed. The actuator, a BL-S24 24v DC IP66 linear actuator with custom stroke length was used. The IP66 rating of the actuator made it possible to have the mounting position exposed. The use of a 24V DC actuator increases the safety of the installation particularly in such an exposed installation and at access level. BlueSquared also installed the compact SE Controls 3A 24v DC transformer with touch sensitive fascia switching to finish the bespoke installation to the clients full satisfaction, stating “the switch plate is a delight to use”.
Images below of the complete project.
Note the actuator is now hidden from sight behind the window mullion.
This project was carried out for the property owners building contractor, Blugum Enterprises Pty Ltd.
SE Controls 3A 24v DC transformer with touch sensitive switch plate