Passive smoke ventilation allows the natural buoyancy of warm/hot air to free a building of deadly smoke build up. High level windows or vents in the facade or on the roof are opened upon activation by either independent smoke detectors, Fire alarm system or manual activation. Hot smoke that is starting to rise and build up in the higher levels of the building is released through the open vents. To enable this type of system to work effectively, an equal amount of make up or inlet air is required to be let into the building to replace the volume of expelled smoke laden air. The optimal location for inlet/make up air is as low as practically possible to ground level. This is where the ambient air is coolest and will start to fill the building with cleaner air.

Removal of the deadly smoke from a building allows the occupants a safer passage to exit, while also allowing the firefighting personnel to assess and fight the fire more easily.

BlueSquared offer a full range of EN12101 tested and compliant actuators and controls that can operate on a stand alone basis or through integration with fire alarm panels.