We were recently approached to replace existing, malfunctioning electric chain actuators on 6 units at Cove Apartments, The Rocks, Sydney.

The existing actuators were originally designed to close upon smoke alarm activation while allowing opening by means of a local day to day switch. The actuator chains and fittings had corroded and broken due to exposure to the sea air of Sydney Harbor. The AOV’s had also stopped functioning under the smoke activation system which was a none UPS/battery backed system.

SE Controls 24v DC Chain actuators were installed which feature, programmable chain stroke, soft closing, seal relief, along with stainless steel chains and fittings to endure the harsh sea air environment. These are operated by SE Controls OS2 SHEVTEC Controllers which feature a UPS/battery back-up, day to day operation, and a fire alarm input. The OS2 panels were mounted in a ceiling void inside each apartment, accessible via a ceiling hatch for periodic maintenance.

Due to the height of the AOV’s the programmable chain stroke of the actuators were restricted to give an opening of less than 125mm to conform to the Australian Building Code. Day to Day operation of the AOV’s is via a wireless remote control unit with automatic closing of the windows on mains power failure or localized smoke detector activation as required by the buildings fire strategy.

Cove apartments The Rocks Sydney


Cove Apartments The Rocks Sydney


OS2 SHEVTEC 24v DC 8A output Controller for Smoke Control c/w UPS Battery Back-up