Bluesquared facade automation Australia specialize in Window & Facade Automation, Passive Ventilation, Industrial ventilation including Ridge Vents & Slope mounted roof vents, Smoke control, automated window systems. BlueSquared was started by our General manager after working in the construction industry for over 25 years, in both the Ventilation and Facade sectors. His experience not only spans facade automation but the design and installation of passive natural ventilation and  smoke ventilation systems both in the UK and here in Australia. His recent experience includes the involvement in AS2427 smoke and heat exhaust ventilator product design and testing.BlueSquared are proud to be Australian partners of SE Controls, a globally recognised specialist in facade automation and smoke control solutions. BlueSquared offer a full range of EN12101:2 tested SE Controls products which can be viewed at

We also offer a comprehensive range of passive ventilation solutions which are tailored to individual project requirements. Please contact us for more details and assistance in helping you create a better internal environment in your building

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Here at BlueSquared we are constantly looking for new products to enhance our current portfolio. We look for new ways and markets to use existing products, along with developing our own products within our offering. Z-Wave is one of the latest projects we have been focusing on where we have integrated one of our existing controllers with a z-wave module. This allows the use of virtually any 230v AC or 24v DC chain or linear actuator to be fully controlled via a z-wave controller.

The video to the right highlights how the controller is integrated with a Z-Wave systems to allow the actuator to be fully controlled from 0-100% in 10% increments.