Facade Automation

BlueSquared have an extensive range of facade automation products within our portfolio, which can automate facade windows including awning, casement, parallel opening, center pivot and horizontal or vertical sliding. We also have products to automate atria vents, louvre, solar shading and roof vents.

We look at every project on an individual basis to ensure that the correct product is selected for the task in hand. We offer single and twin chain actuators along with spindle and sliding linear drives. The majority of our drive can be customised for individual projects, large or small. We are able to offer bespoke chain or drive lengths along with customised powder coat finishes and in-house designed custom brackets.

All drives are available in both 24v DC or 230v AC versions and can be operated by a simple switch through to a complex BMS operated  or stand alone system with its own sensors, timers and switches.

The NVLogiQ system by SE Controls, has been designed specifically for use within educational facilities. It is capable of monitoring internal/external temperatures along with classroom CO² levels, given the room volume and opening free areas of the windows/louvre, it uses an specifically designed algorithm to predict ventilation requirements so as to optimise efficiency of the passive ventilation system.


SE Controls NVLogiQ Room Controller


There is no limit to the size of system we can offer, our modular panels that can work on a stand alone, master/slave or networked basis, offer a cost effective solution without compromise.