Fire Alarm Integration

We have a full range of versatile systems suitable for most applications. We can open or close AOV’s in single or multiple zones upon fire alarm activation. Control solutions are also available to open the fire floor AOV’s while closing all AOV’s on none activated floors.

Our intelligent controls supplied by SE Controls, are capable of integrating with both BMS and FIP systems with priority 1 given to all FIP signals. The fully programmable controls can be configured to either open or close upon fire signal from the FIP, alternatively we can automatically open/close AOV’s via the integral UPS/Battery Back-up upon mains power failure if required. The inclusion of day to day switching, auto/manual switching, 0-10v BMS inputs, wind, rain, temperature and PIR inputs enables us to meet most requirements.

We can offer assistance with product selection to ensure the project in hand achieves the correct ventilation Aerodynamic or Geometric free area requirements stipulated within the fire engineers report .

OS2 SHEVTEC 24v DC 8A output Controller for Smoke Control c/w UPS Battery Back-up


OSLoop Manual Control Point (MCP)

SMOKE VENT MCP (Manual Call Point)


image 2