Chain Actuator WMU 883

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Chain actuator 1000N 3A

  • Actuator for large and heavy windows – an elegant alternative to spindle actuators.
  • For smoke and comfort ventilation.
  • For top hung, bottom hung, turning, pivot, roof window and light dome.


The actuator is a high performance actuator especially designed for large and heavy windows – an elegant alternative to spindle actuators.

Complete opening of the window within 60sec. (depending on the programming).
The actuator is approved according to EN 12101-2 with selected profiles – please contact Blue Squared  for further information.


– To be used together with ±24V control units or control units with MotorLink®
– Can be used together with espagnolette WMB
– Synchronization of up to 4 window actuators – no need for an external
synchronization module
– Genuine position feedback and 3 speeds when using control unit with
– Soft close function
– The electronics in this actuator can be programmed to suit specific
requirements – i.e. pressure- and traction force, stroke, speed/sound level –
with the WAT 100 programming box, this is also possible following
– Built-in electronic load switch-off/end stop
– Electronic actuator with micro controller
– The actuator has an integrated reverse function to ensure a prolonged life
span of the window gaskets
– Easy mounting

Technical specifications
Chain opening Depending on variant – see product sheet
Opening speed Depending on variant – see product sheet
Pressure force Max. 1000N
Tractive force Max. 1000N (programmable 300-1000N)
Voltage Nominal 24V DC
24V DC (max. 10% ripple)
Current consumption 3A
Size 80 x 54mm (HxB):
Lenght depending on variant – see product sheet
Colour Anodized aluminium (EV1)
RAL colours at an additional price


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