We were approached by Bespoke developer Woodford Homes to provide a solution for opening high level windows in a new build home they were constructing. Woodford Homes initial thoughts were to have manual winding gear to operate the windows, BlueSquared costed both manual winding and also Electric chain actuator systems as a comparison. The Electric option was more cost effective and subsequently chosen.

Awning window chain motor

The system comprised of 4No. SECO N 24 25 24v DC 250mm stroke 250N Chain Actuators along with a 3A 24v DC transformer with integral touch sensitive switch fascia. As the dry lining had not yet been installed it was a simple task for the site electrician to install the 2 core field cabling to the actuators from the switch and run a mains power feed to the switch.

awning window electric chain actuator control switch24v DC chain actuator high level window installation

awning window electric chain actuator motor

24v DC awning window electric chain actuator control switch