24v DC Wiring Schematic for Window Automation

24v DC Wiring Schematic for Window Automation

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Simple 24v DC Window Chain Actuator SchematicThis simple schematic is a typical example of how the 24v DC Chain actuators are connected in series. This example could be used for a single actuator or multiple as depicted. The number of actuators that can be connected in series is dependent on the amperage draw of the actuators being used and the capacity of the 24v DC transformer. In this case, each of the SECO N 24 25 Chain Actuators has an amperage draw of 0.5A so a total of 1.5A. An allowance of 10% is required for a start up spike in power consumption so the 1.5A becomes 1.65A. The SE Controls 24v DC switch/transformer has a capacity of 3A, so ample capacity in this case, in fact a total of 5 of these actuators could be connected safely. One other factor that needs to be considered is voltage drop, this occurs in DC systems and it is critical that the cable size and distances be calculated taking into account the amperage draw of the actuators. Failure to do this could cause the actuators to not receive the correct voltage and ultimately not operate.

BlueSquared are happy to advise on required cable types and distances for and of the equipment we provide.

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