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SECO N 25 230V AC Chain Actuator 0-250mm & 0-350mm

SECO N 25 230V AC Chain Actuator 0-250mm & 0-350mm

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SECO N 25 230v AC electric awning window chain winder motor actuator

Ventilation Type

Natural Ventilation
Window Automation

Voltage Type

230V AC


250, 350mm (other strokes are available)




SECO N 25 Data sheet 

Product Features

A certified and compliant actuator designed to provide precise and reliable operations for natural ventilation systems with the following features :

Electronically defined closing force ensures a tight close on every operation and seal relief to optimizes window weather performance in a single enclosure.

Virtually silent operation with selectable speed control providing accurate position for natural ventilation strategies.

Slim compact design with standard or tailored finishes and flex lengths.

Extensive range of brackets to suit all window system applications.

Extended warranty/life expectancy with operational frequency logging.

BlueSquared Australia offer our expertise in assistance with the correct product selection for your project. We have a comprehensive range of electric chain openers and linear drive actuators for almost any type of window or skylight. We offer both 24v DC and 230v AC mains options to suite most applications. A full range of controls, sensors and switches are available in 230v AC and 24vDC including UPS/Battery Backup options in 24v DC. These are tested to EN12101 and can be used in passive smoke ventilation solutions.

Our window/façade automation offering can also be integrated with home automation systems such as z-wave, zigbee, cbus, etc. To compliment this, we offer an expansive range of home automation products, from lighting control to home hub systems from leading manufacturers.

Please feel free to use our past experience and knowledge, we are happy to look at any type of project, large or small. Contact us if you have any questions or if you cannot find what you are looking for as we can usually help. We are open from 7.00am to 7.00pm Monday to Friday and 7.00am to 3.00pm on Saturdays.  Our contact details are on the Contact Us page.


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