OSLoop Modular Smoke Control System

OSLoop Modular Smoke Control System

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OSLoop is a modular smoke control product. At its simplest, it consists of a centralised coordination module (the coordinator) and between 1 and 64 remotely mounted manual control points (MCPs). Larger systems can be constructed by linking together multiple coordinators.

The coordinator module contains the mains power conversion electronics which provides the 24V DC power for the operation of the unit. It also contains a back-up battery supply to support this supply if the mains power input is lost. To keep the size of the power supply and batteries to a minimum, the coordinator determines how and when the MCPs can call on this power to move their actuators.

Each MCP contains actuator switching circuitry which also monitors the actuator cabling and circuitry for faults. If a fault is detected, then the MCP raises a local alarm and also informs the coordinator so the remote alarms can be triggered. The MCP also provides support for one or more smoke detectors. Again this circuitry monitors the detectors and cabling checking for faults. In addition the MCP can be configured as master/slave device to other MCPs in the same system.

  • 40% less cable costs than a conventional system
  • 50% less devices compared to conventional systems
  • Reduced system installation time
  • prEN12101-9 and prEN12101-10
  • EMC tested to EN61000-6-2 and EN61000-6-3
  • LVD tested to EN60335-1 as amended by EN60335-2-103.

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OSLoop Control System Datasheet (PDF)

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