This z wave configured control panel allows the control of most standard 24v DC chain or linear actuator. All 24v DC actuators on our site are compatible with this controller.

Comes with a 921.42MHz z-wave plus integration module pre-installed. Allows 24v DC window, sky light , blind or louvre actuators to be controlled from fully closed to fully open in 10% step increments.

The NV PSU supplies 4.8A (+ spike capacity) of 24v DC power output with the following input capabilities:-

Day to Day Switch

Rain/Wind Sensor

0-10v input

PIR Sensor input

Auto/Manual Switch input

Maintenance Switch open/close

NVLogiQ room controller (capabilities, temperature sensors, CO2, 24/7 timer, data logging)


Please contact us with your requirements for additional information and assistance.

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NVLogiQ PSU Data sheet

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