EMB8000+ 72A Control Panel

Your freedom when size is important: the EMB8000+ opens and closes windows for SHEV and controlled natural ventilation in medium to large buildings. Thanks to the modular design of the SHEV control unit with digital bus technology and power supply for controlling electromotive window drives, you retain control in every situation – how you want and when you want.

You design, you plan, you implement. The EMB8000+ from AUMÜLLER gives you all the freedom you need. Because with our factory-fitted, ready-to-operate, pre-wired SHEV control units, there is nothing to stand in the way of individual expansion of your system. Thanks to modular, databus-based technology, you have access to almost all design options for smoke and heat ventilation as well as controlled natural ventilation.

The EMB8000+ offers a variety of features to save time and money.
The networking of up to 30 control panels shortens the necessary 24 V DC cable routes, so smaller cable cross-sections are required.
Furthermore, it is possible to install up to 30 freely programmable BUS HSE push buttons on the CM Module of each control panel, with direct connection of smoke detectors and ventilation buttons in one physical line.
Even complex smoke exhausting scenarios of large building projects can be implemented without any problems.
The Ethernet interface allows the system to be integrated into IP-based networks, thereby considerably extending the communication possibilities of the control panel. It also opens up the option of remote diagnosis and remote support via the Internet.
This saves times and reduces stress.

The EMB8000+ offers an easy and independent operation via all common end devices, from PCs to tablets and smartphones – also wirelessly via integrated WiFi interface. The software runs system-independently on Windows, iOS and Android, so the greatest possible compatibility is guaranteed. The new, straightforward user interface considerably simplifies operation.



  • Through high-quality, durable, wear-free materials and inherently safe construction, proven data bus.
  • Automatic configuration by arrangement of the modules, pluggable connection terminals, setting of parameters via smartphone.
  • Versatile, configurable modules, for natural ventilation, SHEV and building automation.
  • Intelligently networked, low wiring effort, low installation costs.
  • User-independent energy saving, comfort and convenience through automated windows.
  • Individual power and speed, accessible via modern facade automation systems.
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Technical specification
Area of application ventilation, SHEV, NSHEV
Design basic versions – individually expandable
Factory setting 1 SHEV Group / 1 ventilation group
Operating voltage 230 V AC (195 – 253 V AC, 50/60 Hz)
Max. power consumption 2415 W
Output voltage 24 V DC (20 – 28 V DC / 0.5 Vpp)
Output power max. 72,0 A
Ambient temperature range -5°C … + 40°C
Protection rating IP40; IP54 with optional wall mounting brackets/gaskets
Housing aP, steel plate, RAL 7035 (light grey)
Dimensions (WxHxD) 600 x 800 x 250 mm (15 MU) / 800 x 800 x 250 mm (24 MU)
Connection terminals Plug-in terminals 1.0 mm² / Drives: 2.5 mm² (rigid wires)
Prepared for emergency batteries 2x 12 V / 38 Ah
VdS Approval-Nr. G 512005
Power supply EN 12101-10