BlueSquared were approached by the landlord of a property in the Blue Mountains, NSW. The property had 3 high level awning style windows that had a manual winding operating system installed. The manual wining gear had failed and the windows were stuck in a partially open position.

manual winding gear

The manual winding system was beyond repair so options were proposed for its replacement. BlueSquared offered both a replacement manual winding option and an electric option. The electric option was a more cost effective solution. The system comprised of 3 BL-CH 24 250mm stroke 24v DC Chain Actuators with colour finish option to match the window colour, along with a 3A 24v DC transformer with touch sensitive switch fascia.

BLCH 24 electric chain actuator motor

Due to the construction of the building it was not possible to conceal the field cabling completely so surface fixed mini trunking was used where cable concealment was not possible.

BLCH actuator with mini trunking

24v dc awing window chain actuators