Optimise Air Quality in Buildings

Natural Ventilation in Buildings can be created by the use of automated facade/window opening. Internal air quality can be vastly improved, replacing stagnant air with fresh outdoor air, reducing the build up of CO2 while cooling down the fabric of the building at the same time. All creating a healthier and more productive working environment. … Continue reading Optimise Air Quality in Buildings

Passive Smoke Ventilation

Passive smoke ventilation allows the natural buoyancy of warm/hot air to free a building of deadly smoke build up. High level windows or vents in the facade or on the roof are opened upon activation by either independent smoke detectors, Fire alarm system or manual activation. Hot smoke that is starting to rise and build … Continue reading Passive Smoke Ventilation

Natural Ventilation

  Passive Natural Ventilation is used to cool down the fabric of the building, which minimises the required running time of traditional mechanical HVAC systems, in turn reducing the buildings running costs. This can be achieved by the use of roof ventilators normally used in factory or warehouse facilities along with a source of inlet … Continue reading Natural Ventilation