BlueSquared was approached by a print business in Milperra, NSW. Their facility experienced high internal temperatures during warmer months, especially on mezzanine levels. During the cooler months the warehouse remained cool not as much of an issue, in fact the opposite.

The facility, as so many was a hive of activity with a large roller shutter door constantly open to accept and dispatch deliveries, so traditional air-conditioning was not feasible nor was it viable from a cost perspective.

The client wanted to explore the feasibility and cost implication of a passive ventilation system that could be controlled so to restrict airflow during the cooler month and retain the warm internal air.

BlueSquared solution was to offer its SL600 type ventilator with fully automatic dampers controlled via an internal thermostat. The SL600 is a gravity fed slope mounted roof ventilator that is also available as a ridge ventilator model. The vents offer all year round ventilation even during rain due to its high performance rain drainage system. The ventilator dampers open to create exhaust airflow upon the internal temperature set point being reached then close again to restrict airflow once the temperature drops below set point. As the roller shutter door to the property is always open this was used to provide ample inlet/make up air for the system, saving additional cost.

This is a typical Warehouse Passive Ventilation System which allows the warehouse space to be ventilation for minimal or no operating costs. Replacing hot fume filled air with clean ambient cooler air.