Chain Drive KS2 230 V S12

Chain drives from AUMÜLLER have a well-designed and robust aluminium housing. It encases the microprocessor-controlled electronics, the motor-gear unit and the chain box. The slim design allows our chain drives to lay flat on the window profile and not protrude into the room. The drives can be mounted on top or integrated into the profile. The most suitable installation locations are the frame profiles of the main or side closing edges.

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  • through high quality materials, wear-free stainless steel chain and durable construction.
  • universally applicable, direct fixing points without brackets, flexible cabling.
  • automatic configuration of synchronous operation and sequence control in the drive network system via external M-COM module.
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Technical specification
Area of application ventilation, SHEV, NSHEV (EN 12101-2)
Variants Stand-alone, “R” right / “L” left version, “Z” with feedback contact
Cut-off electronics S12 – intelligent, programmable control electronics
Rated voltage 230 V / 50 Hz
Cut-off current 0.2 A
Stroke 200 – 800 mm; programmable
Force (push/pull) 250 -100 / 250 N; stroke dependant
Speed (open/close) 8.0 / 8.0 mm/s
Extension mechanism back-stiff side bow roller chain made from stainless steel without protruding rivet heads
Housing (WxHxL) anodised aluminium, 41 x 26 mm, length stroke dependant
Connection lead halogen free, grey 6×0.75 mm², length 3 m
Protection rating IP 32