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Providing the full solution for all ventilation, façade automation and smoke control system projects.

Natural & Industrial Ventilation

We offer project specific designed solutions to meet the natural ventilation requirements of your factory or warehouse. Once installed, these systems create a cleaner air environment for employees while cost effectively cooling volumetric spaces down. One of the most important considerations when choosing a ventilation system for your building is achieving the ultimate airflow controllability. There are different options to help you achieve this, including roof-mounted ventilators and wall mounted louvres that can be automated and complimented with either fly mesh or an automatic damper control option.

Smoke Control Solutions

Blue Squared offer a comprehensive range of controls and actuators, which are tested and compliant to European smoke and heat release standards – EN121012 parts 10 & 2. Not only do we provide you with the tools for your automation needs we also offer a full supply and installation package with all cabling installed according to the AS3000 standards. Our partner Safetyline Jalousie offer glazed louvre options we can automate to be used for end of corridor smoke relief or inlet make up air for stair pressurisation. Systems can also be used for environmental purposes; every system is designed specifically with your project’s needs in mind!

Façade Automation

Customisable window automation systems is what we specialise in. From a simple actuator and switch configuration through to multizone fully automated systems capable of integration with BMS and Fire Alarms. Our team of specialists can design a self-contained system that can provide a similar functionality as an integrated BMS system, which include internal/external temperature sensors and CO2 sensors. This provides indoor environments with clean air in order to assist minimising the spread of airborne viruses. We select the correct actuators for the application in hand to ensure the actuators last longer and reach their projected lifespan. Both 230v AC and 24v DC systems can be offered with the addition of UPS availability on 24v DC systems.

Bespoke Design

We are your one-stop shop for bespoke facade automation and smoke control solutions. Our in-house design team utilises the latest 3D CAD software to produce custom designs that will fit seamlessly into your project, achieving the right aesthetic and functionality that you desire. From bracketry and actuator placement, to bespoke manufacturing solutions, our designers can provide a turnkey solution from start to finish.

3D CAD Design Capabilities
Bespoke Actuator Stroke Lengths
Locally Manufactured Custom Made Brackets

We’re also partnered with Blue Squared Manufacturing which provides machining services and manufacture of components within their state of the art facility; ensuring an end product that is fully compliant with industry standards and specifications.

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Our Process

We are here to deliver high quality projects every step of the way.

1. Let’s Chat About Your Project

Contact us via email or phone, we would love to hear about your project needs. We will respond within 24 hours to new email enquiries. Contact us today.

2. Detailed Scope & Plan

We will pull together a plan and scope out how to achieve what is needed on your project. The plan will cover off the best products to use and if any bespoke pieces that will be needed. The plan is detailed to ensure the project stays on track and in budget.

3. Quick Turnaround Quote

Once the plan has been approved will provide a detailed competitive cost within 48hours. We will be on hand to refine anything that is needed to help you reach your project deadlines.

4. Project Sign Off & Contracts

To officially start the project we will draw up contracts to for parties involved to sign.

5. Schematic Designed In-House

We provide full wiring schematics with every project if required. Our wiring schematics include cable types and maximum cable runs relative to the cable size to avoid voltage drop issues over greater distances.

6. Supplies Sourced & Ordered

At Blue Squared with work with only the highest quality suppliers with sustainability and innovation being at the forefront of their designs. We will chose a range of product that will best suit your project needs.

7. Custom Design & Manufacturer (if needed)

Not all jobs are the same, that’s why we have a dedicated in-house team to design and manufacturer custom components so projects aren’t delayed and that the right results are achieved for the project.

8. Trap Hazard Risk Assessment Developed

We will create a project specific trap hazard risk assessment. This enables the correct measures to be put in place to minimise occupancy injury while maximising the usability of your system.

9. Install, Testing & Warranty

Our qualified team of electrical installers with ensure our product is installed correctly and tested on site. We provide a minimum of 12months warranty on all product we install.

10. Final Project Check-in & Handover

Once we have finished a project we will check-in to see that everything has gone well and you are happy with the job. We won’t be happy if you’re not happy, so we will work through anything you need to make sure the project delivers to highest quality level.

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