Chain Drive KS4 24 V S12

No other chain drive develops more power in such little space as the KS4 from AUMÜLLER. It sets the mark with ist advanced connectivity, independently integrates itself in a multi-drive system by means of M-COM-Click and communicates confidently with modern building management systems.

Surface mounted or in profile integration? Frame or casement profile? It doesn’t matter how and where you install the KS4: the assembly is easy and the chain drive performs discreetly.

Unique connector solution: double-sided plug-in connection makes it possible for a series connection of up to three drives and one locking drive. The best: the configuration in multi-drive systems is self-taught. This means more flexibility for you – and less effort.

Uncompromisingly high-quality, uncompromisingly reliable: KS4 achieves permanent, optimal results for your natural ventilation. The visually appealing and robust aluminium housing protects the electronics, motor, gear and chain box. This guarantees unrivalled durability – Made in Germany.

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  • The world’s smallest chain drive with 400 N power.
  • through high quality materials, wear-free stainless steel chain and durable construction.
  • universally applicable, direct fixing points without brackets, integrated connector solution.
  • automatic configuration of drive network system via pluggable M-COM-Click.
  • applicable for natural ventilation, SHEV and ferralux®-NSHEV.
  • automatic windows, user dependant energy saving, comfort and convenience.
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Technical specification
Area of application ventilation, SHEV, NSHEV (EN 12101-2)
Variants Stand-alone, “R” right / “L” left version, each with feedback contact “CLOSED”, programmable in “OPEN”
Switch-off electronics S12 – intelligent, programmable control electronics
Rated voltage 24 V DC
Cut-off current 1.2 A
Stroke 50 – 1000 mm; programmable
Force (push/pull) 400 – 50 / 400 N; stroke dependant, programmable from 5.0 mm/s
Speed (open/close) max. 13.0 / 8.0 mm/s: programmable
Extension mechanism back-stiffed side bow roller chain made from stainless steel without protruding rivet heads
Housing (WxHxL) anodised aluminium, 35 x 24 mm, length stroke dependant
Connection cable AUMÜLLER-Click plug, halogen free, grey, 5×0.5 mm², length 2 m
Protection rating IP 32