Locking Drive FV4 24 V M-COM

 The S3 electronic load protection with locked retriggering function. It protects the window locking drive against overload as well as the casement and fixing or fitting parts against premature wear. Synchronous operation or sequence control of several drives as well as individual configurations – depending on customer requirements and project conditions – are possible without any problems.

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  • through high-quality, durable, wear-free materials and inherently safe construction.
  • automatic configuration of synchronous operation and sequence control in the drive network system via external M-COM module.
  • Mounted or profile-integrated, for windows with/without locking bars, for natural ventilation, SHEV and ferralux®-NSHEV.
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Technical specification
Area of application ventilation, SHEV, NSHEV (EN 12101-2)
Variants single, right/left version, with 1, 2 or 3 locking points
Switch-off electronics integrated, intelligent M-COM suitable control electronics with sequence control for drives S3/S12
Rated voltage 24 V DC
Cut-off current 0.8 A
Stroke ~ 15 mm
Push force 600 N
Running time ~ 5.0 s
Locking bracket stainless steel (35 mm space requirement) / Aluminium (15 mm space requirement)
Housing (WxHxL) anodised aluminium, 35 x 35 mm, length variant dependant
Connection cable halogen free, grey 3×0.5 mm², length 3 m
Protection rating IP 32