WMB 817 / 818 Locking Actuator

Compact 24 VDC locking actuator, which automatically locks/opens the espagnolette system on the window, in such a way that the CE approval of the window is maintained. This unit can also be used for increased protection against weather or break in.

Closing force of 2000N per locking actuator.

The locking actuator is fitted on windows with an espagnolette system without handles, together with electric window actuators with MotorLink®. The locking actuator can be surface mounted on or concealed in aluminium, timber or plastic window frames. The espagnolette system can be set in two positions: locked/open.
The WAB 817C bracket is supplied with the locking actuator.

Actuator variants
The locking actuator is available in single and double version, meaning up to two locking actuators can be mounted on the
same window. Both the single and the double version can be used with up to four window actuators on the same window.

Single WMB (one WMB)
WMB 817-1 L: single, locking to the left
WMB 817-1 R: single, locking to the right

Double WMB (two WMB on the same window)
WMB 817-2 L: double, first WMB, locking to the left
WMB 817-2 R: double, first WMB, locking to the right
WMB 818-2 L: double, second WMB, locking to the left
WMB 818-2 R: double, second WMB, locking to the right

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  • The product is to be connected to a ±24V power supply
  • The product is suitable for smoke ventilation according to EN 12101-2 and uses natural driving forces for the efficient exhaust of smoke and heat
  • The product communicates with power supplies with MotorLink® – an intelligent patented digital communication from WindowMaster
  • The product can with the TrueSpeed technology slow down the actuator movement (down to 1mm per second), which enables the actuators to run completely silent.
  • The product is suitable for comfort ventilation to ensure that the building’s users enjoy a comfortable indoor climate
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Technical specification
Locking force 2000N (break in force)
Operating force 19-32 VDC
Current consumption max. 1A
Voltage 19 – 32 VDC
Size 285 x 25 x 37mm (L x H x D)
Colour anodized natural aluminium and anodized black aluminium. Other RAL colors available at
additional price.