About us

Blue Squared Window Automation & Smoke Ventilation Stystems

Australian partners for SE Controls, suppliers of facade automation actuators and controls solutions including EN12101 smoke control products, along with passive and mechanical smoke shaft solutions.

Blue Squared offer Passive Natural and Smoke control solutions, facade automation and industrial ventilation. We have experience in NPD from conception through to prototyping, AS testing and supply chain to installation.

We have over 25 years of experience within the aluminium façade & ventilation industries dealing with estimating, design, manufacture and installation.

Experience in bespoke window/facade automation and Natural and Smoke ventilation systems. Specialities include:

  •  Bespoke total facade automation solutions.
  • In-house 3D design capability.
  •  Facade automation control solutions including FIP controlled, BMS controlled & home automation integration.


Our mission is to commit to working towards an ethically driven, sustainable green future for Australia and worldwide. We aim to do this by continuing to provide green ventilation solutions, sourcing sustainable materials and remaining consistently innovative in our  approach to designing and providing new ventilation solutions. Our mission is that our products and designs do not take away from the environment but work with it.


Our vision at Blue Squared Window Automation is to foster creative, respectful relationships with our clients, suppliers and team members. We believe that great working relationships generate a ‘free flowing’ of ideas and that often collaboration within these relationships is when the most innovative ideas are born. This collaboration is the driver to the commitment we have towards meeting our mission of an ethically driven green future.


Blue Squared is a family run company with over 25 years industry experience, a commitment to honest, reliable and respectful interactions with all whom we meet lies at the heart of our values. We work extremely hard to always provide innovative, bespoke ventilation solutions for our clients, working collaboratively to provide a viable solution to our clients vision and needs. We believe in the time old adage the customer comes first!