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Design, Supply and installation of Facade Automation Solutions for the Home or Commercial Projects.

Facade Automation

BlueSquared window automation offerings starts from a simple actuator and switch configuration through to multi zone fully automated systems capable of integration with BMS and or Fire Alarm systems. We can also offer self contained systems which offer similar operational functionality as a BMS integrated system. We select the correct actuators for the application in hand to ensure the actuators reach their projected  lifespan. Both 230v AC and 24v DC systems can be offered with the addition of UPS availability on 24v DC systems. BlueSquared can also offer control systems to operate virtually any pre-installed actuators. 

Smoke Control Solutions

BlueSquared portfolio includes a full range of EN12101 tested actuators and controls solutions capable of interfacing with FIP to open or close the windows/vents on fire or power failure. The controls can also be integrated with BMS systems to offer a simple solution for any buildings complex operating requirements. Our control panels have a UPS/Battery Back-up with a 72Hr capacity.

Home Automation

Here at BlueSquared we have a full range of z-wave home automation products from home controllers through to lighting dimmer switch controls and door locks. We also offer a bespoke range of window control systems capable of operating virtually any 230v AC or 24v DC actuator via z-wave home control.  Please feel free to browse our online store and contact us with your requirements.

Passive Ventilation

BlueSquared have a bepsoke range of industrial roof mounted ventilators that can be manufactured to suite any roof profile and pitch. All ventilators can be ridge or slope mounted and have multiple throat sizes available, any length from 2m through to 1000m is possible due to the modular design. Ventilators are available with a range of options including fly mesh and automated damper control. To compliment the roof ventilator range we offer a range of performance inlet louvres constructed from highly durable powder coated aluminium. Please contact us with your ventilation requirements and we can advise of the best options to match your requirements.

Australian Partners for SE Controls

We are proud to be partnering SE Controls who have a comprehensive portfolio of tested and fully compliant EN12101 smoke control products.

OS2 SHEVTEC 24v DC 8A output Controller for Smoke Control c/w UPS Battery Back-up

Designed for your requirements

We select the correct projects for the project and offer a bespoke tailor made service service to ensure the project is aesthetically and technically correct.

Bespoke Actuator Stroke Length

As seen in the video to the left, the stroke length of the chain actuator was manufactured to achieve 125mm maximum clear opening of the window.The actuators were concealed in a AWS window system.

Custom Manufactured Brackets

Standard brackets are not always correct for the installation at hand. We have an in house 3D CAD design service to ensure the brackets are the correct fit for your window system or application. We can manufacture bespoke brackets locally using high quality stainless steel which is laser cut and folded.

Colour Matching The Actuator Body & Brackets To Your Windows

We are able to powder coat the actuator body and brackets to match the windows they are to be installed on, often at little of no extra charge. This gives the appearance that the actuator is an integral part of the window if they cannot be concealed within the window itself.

Controls Design Service

Once we have your control strategy requirements we can design a system to achieve the desired outcome. We have control systems that can integrate with BMS or FIP or both. We can also offer stand alone systems with a full range of internal/external sensors and switches.

Wiring Schematic Design

We provide full wiring schematics with every project if required. These include cable types and maximum cable runs relative to the cable size to avoid voltage drop issues over greater distances.

Trap Hazard Risk assessment

Once we have the details of your project we will create a project specific trap hazard risk assessment. This enables the correct measures to be put in place to minimize occupancy injury while maximizing the usability of the system.

BlueSquared Innovation

Here at BlueSquared we are constantly looking for new products to enhance our current portfolio. We look for new ways and markets to use existing products, along with developing our own products within our offering. Z-Wave is one of the latest projects we have been focusing on where we have integrated one of our existing controllers with a z-wave module. This allows the use of virtually any 230v AC or 24v DC chain or linear actuator to be fully controlled via a z-wave controller.

The video to the right highlights how the controller is integrated with a Z-Wave systems to allow the actuator to be fully controlled from 0-100% in 10% increments.

BlueSquared, the first choice for window automation and smoke control solutions


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