Locking Drive FVUR 24 V

Elegant square housings, stainless steel drivers in different designs – and always optimally tailored to the area of application: locking drives from AUMÜLLER adapt organically to the appearance of any installation and are extremely easy to install, for example by means of concealed holes.

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  • through high-quality, durable, wear-free materials and inherently safe construction.
  • automatic configuration of synchronous operation and sequence control in the drive network system via external M-COM module.
  • Mounted or profile-integrated, for windows with/without locking bars, for natural ventilation, SHEV and ferralux®-NSHEV.
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Technical specification
Area of application ventilation, SHEV, NSHEV (EN 12101-2)
Variants single
Switch-off electronics integrated, intelligent M-COM suitable control electronic with sequence control for drives S3/S12
Rated voltage 24 V DC
Cut-off current 1.0 A
Stroke ~ 18 mm
Thrust- / breaking- / locking force 600 / 1000 / 1500 N; programmable
Running time 5.0 s (3.6 mm/s)
Coupling adapter Stainless steel locking plate for window fittings provided by customer
Housing (WxHxL) anodised aluminium, 26 x 26 x 415 mm; plastic end caps
Connection cable halogen free, grey 3×0.5 mm², length 3 m
Protection rating IP 32