WMU 836 03 Chain Actuator

Smoke ventilation chain operator for VELUX top hung, tilt-and-swing windows GPL and GPU from size M06 and VK from size 045.

The window actuator can be connected directly to the WindowMaster smoke ventilation control units WSC3xx and WSC 5xx.

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  • The product is suitable for comfort ventilation to ensure that the building’s users enjoy a comfortable indoor climate
  • The product is suitable for smoke ventilation and use natural driving forces for the efficient exhaust of smoke and heat
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Technical specification
Chain opening max. 600mm
Opening speed 11mm/s
Pressure force 300N
Tractive force max. 150N
Operating voltage  24 VDC
Current consumption 1,0A
Dimensions 667 x 34 x 47mm (W x H x D)
Colour Aluminium anodised (EV1)