NV Embedded

NV Embedded® is a scalable solution, that makes it possible to implement one or multiple functions to control the indoor climate like natural ventilation, mechanically supported ventilation (mixed mode ventilation), heating, sun screening and cooling according to individual needs.

NV Embedded® is an indoor climate solution, where the software and the functionality of automatic natural ventilation is embedded in the control unit (MotorController or CompactSmoke panel). It is therefore not necessary with an extra control unit, and information about the system and the indoor climate or changes of settings can be made from any device or via an app.

NV Embedded® can implemented as a stand-alone system or easily integrated with a BMS-system, since no particular fieldbus technology is required, and supports both BACnet, Modbus and KNX. NV Embedded® is suitable for all building types, regardless of need and size.

All configuration is managed via the display on the control unit or a WindowMaster pc-program.

A cloud based solution makes is possible to monitor the system remotely and provide remote service.



  • The product is suitable for comfort ventilation to ensure that the building’s users enjoy a comfortable indoor climate
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Technical specification
Specification One NVE-dongle is required per MotorController
Specification A NV Embedded solution can only work on MotorControllers or CompactSmoke panels of the types WCC 310 Plus, WCC 320 Plus, WSC 310 Plus or WSC 320 Plus
Delivery includes An NV Embedded® solution consists of a number of flexible components. Contact us for a tailor-made solution for your project.