NVE Dongle

To activate the integrated NV Logic in the MotorController the USB-dongle must be inserted in a MotorController Type WCC 310 Plus version 02 or WCC 320 Plus version 02.

The dongle activates all available NV-zones / motor lines in the MotorController.

The dongle contains an encrypted file and a unique serial number which enables the MotorController to establish a connection to the database in the cloud-solution.

Each MotorController used in the NV Embedded® solution must be fitted with a USB-dongle.



  • The product is suitable for comfort ventilation to ensure that the building’s users enjoy a comfortable indoor climate
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Technical specification
Operating conditions -40 – 85°C
Size 34mm long
Additional information The dongle can be removed from the MotorController for up to 24h e.g. in connection with back-up without the MotorController loses its license.
Delivery includes NVE-dongle