OS2 SHEVTEC Controller

The OS2 SHEVTEC Controller is an intelligent 24V dc control system designed to drive 2-wire 24V dc actuators in a Smoke Control and/or Environmental Ventilation System.


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  • Operating from a 230V ac 5A supply, the OS2 SHEVTEC Controller can deliver up to 8A to drive 24V motorised actuators and magnetic catches.
  • Battery backup is provided for continued operation after a mains supply failure.
  • OS2 SHEVTEC Controller can be mounted locally to the devices to be operated or in a centralised location.
  • Each SHEVTEC Controller can operate independently or can be linked to others to produce a networked control system.
  • The networked control system in turn can operate standalone or be linked to a building management system.
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Technical specifications
Dimensions 30A (600X400X250) (WxDxH)
60A (600X600X250) (WxDxH)
90A (800X800X300) (WxDxH)
Mass Approx. 30A (20KG)
60A (25KG)
90A (35KG)
Cable Entries Cable entries are via up to 32 20mm cable glands
IP Rating IP32
Humidity Range 10 to 90% Non-Condensing
Storage – 20°C to 50°C
Operating Temp – 5°C to 40°C