WCC 103 Controller

The MotorController controls (opens/closes) the window actuators based on a signal from the connected component(s) e.g. comfort keypad (operating keypad), room sensors and weather sensors.

We recommend connecting comfort keypad when sensors and other operators are connected so that users always, via the comfort keypads, can override the signals and open or close windows themselves should there be a need for more or less fresh air.

Up to 10 MotorControllers can be connected as part of a larger solution and may be connected to the same weather station. Several MotorControllers may be operated from the same comfort keypad.

The MotorController is also supplied in a 3A version with remote control for controlling the windows and a 6A version also with a remote control.



  • The product is suitable for comfort ventilation to ensure that the building’s users enjoy a comfortable indoor climate
  • The product use rated voltage 230V
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Technical specification
Primary voltage 100-240 VAC 1.52A 50/60Hz
Output current 3A
Colour White (RAL 9016)
Size 215 x 206 x 37mm (WxHxD)
Delivery includes MotorController with 1.2 m cable with Schuko plug
UK version supplied with UK network adapter