WSC 310 / 320 PLUS Control Panel

Smoke control panel for smoke and comfort ventilation

The panels can be used in small and medium sized buildings as well as in building sections e.g. stair cases and restaurants.

The panels has:
– up to 10 smoke / 10 daily ventilation groups
– 10A or 20A

Touch screen
The panel has a build in 2½” LCD touch screen which makes it easy to configure, commission and maintain the panel – also without the need for a PC. System errors are described precisely on the touch screen to facilitate troubleshooting and initialization.

Opening speeds
This panel gives the possibility of up to three actuator speeds depending of the type of the connected actuator:
a) ±24V DC standard actuator – 1 speed (H&S)
b) MotorLink® actuator – 2 speeds (H&S / manually operated)
c) MotorLink® actuator and bus communication – 3 speeds
(H&S / manually operated / automatically)

The different speeds
H&S: a fast speed with H&S ventilation and security functions.
H&S has always first priority

Manually operated: a faster and audiable speed when manually operated by comfort ventilation

Automatically: a slow and almost soundless speed, when controlled automatically by comfort ventilation

Ease of cabling
The use of bus technology for the break glass units means that the need for cabling in the building is significantly reduced. The break glass unit bus are initialized directly on the panel‘s touch screen.

Smoke ventilation based on wind direction
The smoke ventilation panel can be set so that opening and closing of windows are determined by wind direction and speed. This means that facades can be utilized efficiently as part of the smoke ventilation without acquisition of additional modules aside from a wind direction sensor.

Bus communication
Comfort ventilation also possible with KNX, BACnet IP or BACnet MSTP due to bus technology together with eg. NV Comfort® or NV Advance®.

Approved and certified according to EN 12101-10.

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  • The product have a maximum output current of 20A
  • The product use rated voltage 230V
  • The product is BACnet compliant, BTL tested and supports this BUS communication
  • The product is suitable for smoke ventilation according to EN 12101-10 and uses natural driving forces for the efficient exhaust of smoke and heat
  • The product is KNX certified and supports this BUS communication
  • The product is Modbus compliant and supports this BUS communication
  • The product communicates with power supplies with MotorLink® – an intelligent patented digital communication from WindowMaster
  • The product is suitable for comfort ventilation to ensure that the building’s users enjoy a comfortable indoor climate
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Technical specification
Variants Item no.
Smoke panel: 10A, 2 smoke zones / 2 daily comfort groups, 2 inputs for keypads WSC 310 P 0202
Smoke panel: 20A, 2 smoke zones / 2 daily comfort groups, 2 inputs for keypads WSC 320 P 0202
Smoke panel: 20A, 10 smoke zones / 10 daily comfort groups, 12 inputs for keypads WSC 320 P 1012
Delivery includes Smoke control panel WSC 310 PLUS (10A) or WSC 320 PLUS (20A)

WSA 501 (10kΩ-resistors, 10 pcs)
WSA 510 end of line module (WSC 310 / 320 0202: 2 pcs., WSC 320 1012: 10 pcs)
Back-up batteries (WSC 310: 2 x WSA 007, WSC 320: 2 x WSA 012)