WET 200 Sensor

Outdoor sensor used for measuring temperature and light with GPS receiver.
The measurements are sent directly via the KNX bus.



  • The product is suitable for comfort ventilation to ensure that the building’s users enjoy a comfortable indoor climate
  • The product is KNX certified and supports this BUS communication
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Technical specification
Current consumption approx. 10mA
Power supply KNX bus
Operating conditions -30°C – +55°C
Material self extinguishing thermoplastic
Size  sensor: 75 x 31 x 65 (W x H x D)
bracket: 52 x 38 x 57 (W x H x D)
Temperature, range of measurement -30°C – +55°C
Light, range of measurement 1 – 22.000 lux
Delivery includes Sensor with bracket for wall mounting