Control Panel WSC 204MH

Compact smoke control panel for control of ±24V DC window actuators with a total power consumption up to max. 4.8A for smoke extraction and daily comfort ventilation.

The smoke control panel is especially suitable for surveillance of smaller areas, e.g. staircases, smaller sport centres and restaurants.

By linking several smoke control panels in a master/slave system, the smoke control unit can also be used in larger buildings.


The smoke control panel opens the window actuators during smoke.
The panel is supplied in steel housing and is suitable for surface mounting.

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  • The product use rated voltage 230V
  • The product is suitable for smoke ventilation and use natural driving forces for the efficient exhaust of smoke and heat
  • The product have a maximum output current of 4.8A
  • The product is suitable for comfort ventilation to ensure that the building’s users enjoy a comfortable indoor climate
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Technical specification
Smoke ventilation groups 1
Ventilation groups 1
Output current Max. 4,8A
Primary voltage 230V AC ±10%
Actuator secondary voltage Rated voltage 24V DC
Open curcuit voltage at 230V AC: typ. 28V DC
Open curcuit voltage at 253V AC: max. 31.3V DC
Actuator voltage at 230V AC / 4.8A load: typ. 22V DC
Ripple at max. load: max. 6% (= 3.8Vpp)
Open circuit voltage at battery operation: min. 18.7V DC
Size 300 x 300 x 120mm (WxHxD)
Colour White (RAL 9016)
Delivery includes Smoke control panel 4,8A with 2 pcs. back-up batteries 12V/3.4Ah (2 x WSA 003).