NVLogiQ PSU Intelligent Controller

The NVLogiQ PSU is an adaptive Environmental Ventilation single zone control panel and can be networked in multi zone projects.


The NVLogiQ PSU Intelligent Controller can operate on a stand alone basis operating on manual switches or can be connected to the BMS to operate the AOV’s as required. The NVLogiQ PSU controller can be installed into new and refurbished buildings where there is a focus on indoor air quality and energy saving.

The physical size and appearance has been purposely designed to enable surface mounting for new and refurbishment projects.


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  • The Room Controller is the key user interface and sensor module at the heart of the system within each room, providing simple intuitive use of the natural ventilation system.
  • It is wall mounted in a location suitable for the inbuilt sensors.
  • White polycarbonate ABS material, UL94 V0 flammability rating.
  • 160 x 105 x 35 mm or smaller.
  • User interface, integrated sensors and inbuilt strategy within a single controller.
  • Backlit LCD graphic display indicating live sensor readings (CO2 temperature, humidity, time, date) and system status (mode).
  • Traffic Light CO2 indicator.
  • Inbuilt incremental manual override with % position display.
  • Intuitive menu control pad.
  • Access port for NV LogIQ data stick.
  • Inbuilt CO2, temperature and humidity sensors.
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Technical specifications
Dimensions 30A (600X400X250) (WxDxH)
60A (600X600X250) (WxDxH)
90A (800X800X300) (WxDxH)
Mass Approx. 30A (20KG)
60A (25KG)
90A (35KG)
Cable Entries Cable entries are via up to 32 20mm cable glands
IP Rating IP32
Humidity Range 10 to 90% Non-Condensing
Storage – 20°C to 50°C
Operating Temp – 5°C to 40°C