Chain Drive KS4 S12 24V DC R

Product Details

Innovative High Performance in 35 x 24 mm

Due to a force of 400 N in a very compact housing of just 35 x 24 mm (W x H), KS4 chain drives are currently the most powerful NSHEV drives of this class in the international market.

The new and unique, on both sides mounted connector solution allow a series connection of up to three drives and a locking drive. The direct mounting without consoles as well as the M-COM for self-learning configuration in multi-drive systems greatly simplify the installation.

The integrated microprocessor can communicate via data bus with intelligent control systems. In the context of modern façade automation systems, different situational speeds and forces can thus be driven.


    • Electronic speed control for smooth motor running
    • Low noise due to vibration-bearing motor
    • Housing of natural, anodised aluminium, or upon request in other RAL colours
    • Suitable for surface mounted drives and concealed fitting within profiles
    • High-end components and corrosion-resistant design
    • Rigid drive mounting on frame without brackets
    • Universal brackets and casement brackets for all common profile systems
    • Sidebow roller chain of high-quality stainless steel with recessed rivets heads, for large opening angles with the smallest possible bending radii
    • Chain completely retracts into the housing to ease profile integrated mounting of the drives
    • Programmable feedback contact for end positions \”CLOSED\” or \”OPEN\”
    • Two-sided connector for connecting cable, protected against polarity reversal
    • Programmable parameters of intelligent S12 electronic cut-off switch:
      • Synchronised multi-operation of up to 4 opening and 2 locking drives with sequence control
      • Soft-start and soft-stop at end of stroke control
      • Stroke length, closing force, speed
      • Rebate control


    • M-COM for automatic synchronised run of multi drive applications and automatic sequence control with FV locking drives (S3/S12 SW V2)


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