OS2 SHEVTEC 30A PSU Control Panel

The SHEVTEC 30A PSU Control Panel is a powerful 24V dc control system designed to drive 2-wire 24V dc actuators in a Smoke Control and/or Environmental Ventilation system.


Product Details

Operating from a 110/230V ac supply, the SHEVTEC 30A PSU Control Panel can deliver 30 Amps to drive 24 Volt motorised actuators and magnetic catches.

SHEVTEC 30A PSU Panel can be mounted in a centralised location. Each 30A SHEVTEC Panel can operate independently or can be linked to others to produce a networked control system.

The networked control system in turn can operate standalone or be linked to a building management system. The panel is also available in 60A/90A/120A/150A and multi-zone versions.


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